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Change Management Methodology $69.00
Soft Side of Change Management $29.00
Leading Change Field Guide $79.99
Change Readiness Assessment Toolkit $49.99
Change Enablement Workshop Presentation $96.99
Stakeholder Analysis & Management $35.00
A Comprehensive Guide to Change Management $75.00
The People Side of Change & Change Resistance $30.00
Snapshot Guide to Better Known Change Management Models/Methodologies $35.00
Change Management Tools $29.99
Change Management Models $59.00
Journey (Change) Management Playbook $99.00
A Practical Framework Approach to Change - The Full Version $30.00
Managing Organizational Change $39.00
Workbook - LS Organizational Change Management $74.99
Manage to Lead System Workshop $20.00
How to Use the Change Framework $20.00
DICE Hard Change Factors $20.00
Difference between Change Management & Project Management $30.00
Assessment Dashboard - Change Management $79.00
Change Management Process - PPT (IT Service Management, ITSM) $30.00
Lean Change Management $20.00
Maintaining Energy-to-Change $20.00
Psychology of Change Management $20.00
Resolving Workplace Conflicts: General - Resistance to Change $20.00
8 Levers to Change Management $20.00
Successful Design of Change - It is about people after all! $49.00
Change Management - Process Guide (ITSM, ISO 20000) $45.00
A Practical Guide to Leading Change with Risk Assessment $59.00
8-Steps of Leading Change with List of Deliverables $49.00
Burke-Litwin Change Model $20.00
Leavitt's Diamond $20.00
Change Management Process (ITIL ISO 20K) $60.00
A Guide to Undertaking Change Impact Assessment $25.00
2020 How to Become a Master Change Manager $79.00
RIMER National Organisational Change Management Competencies $59.00
RIMER Quick Start $79.00
Change Impact Analysis - Implementation Toolkit $249.00
An Introduction to Change Management and the Brain $30.00
Change Management Poster $25.00
Change Management $79.00
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Total Price $2057.95
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