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Get Your Cloud Strategy Right $299.00
A Comprehensive Guide to Digital Transformation $45.00
Digital Transformation Strategy $89.00
Digital Transformation: Blockchain Technology $59.00
Mobile Customer Journey and Experience Design $20.00
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) $20.00
Digital Transformation: Value Creation & Analysis $20.00
Six Building Blocks of Digital Transformation $20.00
Mobile Strategy Primer $20.00
Internet of Things (IoT) Decision Framework $20.00
Digital Organizational Design $20.00
Digital Talent Lifecycle $20.00
The 7 Laws of Successful Digital Transformation and Growth $239.00
Digital Transformation: Integrated Business Ecosystems $59.00
Global Digital Transformation Benchmarking $297.00
Digital Reinvention $20.00
Digital Transformation: Workforce Digitization $20.00
Digital Factory Primer $20.00
Digital Transformation Governance $20.00
Digital Transformation: People, Organization & Change $79.00
Digital Platform Strategy $20.00
Digital Transformation: Talent Management $20.00
Digital Transformation Frameworks $59.00
Digital Transformation: Challenges in Execution $20.00
Digital Transformation: Challenges in Resources $20.00
Digital Transformation: Challenges in Change & Organization $20.00
Digital Transformation - 2021 Trends, Roadmap, Guidelines $69.99
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