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  1. The Quick Start provides the framework and guidance to start up a project of change quickly and streamlines and integrates Project Management and Change Management processes and deliverables
  2. Quickly and easily provides a Project-integrated list of Change Management deliverables for job interviews or project activities
  3. The Quick Start makes it easy to select the appropriate template, describe why it is necessary, where it fits with other work and the benefits of the document


Change Management is the currency of success in business, organisational and community change in the 21st Century. RIMER has had a global influence on how General Management, Project Management, Change Management and Human Resource Management interact during a change project and is the baseline for Enterprise Change Management.

RIMER is the foundation of the first Australian National Competency Standards in Organisational Change Management and the textbook for the first Australian Diploma of Organisational Change Management.

RIMER is an individually considerate and collectively managed approach to managing change and can be tailored to change in business, organisational and community settings. It has been designed to optimise change efficiency and effectiveness, cross-functional performance, progress and benefits reporting.

This document is a QUICK START for knowledgeable Change Managers. It is not intended for those who have little or no background in managing change.

QUICK START provides a Plan on a Page Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and demonstrates how the RIMER deliverables / products are fully integrated into a business, organisational or community project.

The QUICK START Framework:
- Provides a Change Management Plan on a Page (Work Breakdown Structure) template
- Makes it quick and easy to draft a Change Management Work Breakdown Structure
- Provides the full scope of potential change activities required to deliver a large scale project
- Scales down to suit the size, scope and complexity of change
- Scales up to deliver Enterprise Change Management (Project, Program, Portfolio and Corporate Strategy levels)
- Captures and quickly communicates how the change effort aligns and integrates with all other work (Project, Consultation, Communications, Training, Human Resource Management, Project Sponsor, Change Ownership and Stakeholders)
- Provides the complete framework for Change Managers to demonstrate their competency in applications for Industry Accreditation and Certification, and Recognition of Prior Learning to meet teh entry requirements of Tertiary Education Institutions.

Based on PM Bok, the RIMER QUICK START identifies:
A. Where you are now: current project-change status and relationship
B. Where you want to be: end results
C. What you have to do to get there to get there: strategy
D. Who is going to do what by when: plans, schedules, activities and roles and responsibilities

Contents include:
- Overview of where the Quick Start fits into the RIMER Change Management Methodology
- High level flowchart of all aspects of the change
- Integrated Project / Change Management deliverables
- Change Management entry points and implications for the change effort
- Iterative Project / Change Management Phases
- Change Management Planning Cycle
- Change Management tasks and task objectives
- How to complete the task
- Document reference for Quality Assurance, Document Management and version control
- Name of template deliverable / product
- Description of the template
- Person responsible for the template deliverable / product
- Mandatory / discretionary recommendations

The available RIMER Templates provide the information required for the development and use of each deliverable / product. They are not included in this document and can be purchased separately.

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Source: RIMER Quick Start PowerPoint document

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