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Slidemaster is a team of specialists and consultants from the fields of:

- Project Management
- Agility: Scrum / Kanban / DSDM / Lean / Design Thinking / Lego�® Serious Play�®
- Change Management
- Business Analysis
- Leadership & Management

As such, we often create presentations and documents for trainings, consulting mandates and workshops. We have shared these with each other in the past so that work once done can be used by others. Many presentations have been created as part of projects for top 500 companies, others for small businesses or government organizations.

We have decided to make our products available to other consultants and companies under the brand name "Slidemaster" for a small expense contribution. Some presentations also contains notes on the slides in the file, which can be used for a presentation.

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These terms apply only to the documents of this author. These supplement Flevy's general terms. If there are any conflicts, then the terms on this page will take precedence.

Terms of Usage

We recommend that you do not use the supplied slides 1:1, but adapt them yourself so that they suit your use and your desired purpose. Of course, you can also adapt the logo, texts, images or design. The license allows you to use the content for an unlimited period of time within the scope of your activity and company. An indication of origin on ® Slidemaster must remain in the presentation in any case.

The resale of the documents (and images contained therein) is not permitted. This also applies to free distribution for the purpose of further dissemination beyond your own projects or organization. If you pass on the presentation to third parties, this may only be done in the form of pdf or comparable file formats, but not in editable form.

Become your organization's resident expert on...

Digital Transformation
Post-merger Integration (PMI)
Strategy Development
Organizational Design (OD)
Performance Management
Business Transformation
Organizational Culture (OC)
Customer-centric Design (CCD)
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