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Operational Excellence Consulting
An operations improvement firm specializing in Operational Excellence training and advisory services.

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Operational Excellence Consulting, founded in 2009 by Allan Ung, draws from extensive experience at **Microsoft**, **IBM**, and **Underwriters Laboratories (UL)**. With over three decades of expertise in strategy deployment, customer experience design, and operational excellence, our mission is clear: empowering global individuals and organizations through Design Thinking and Lean Methodologies.

We work with a diverse clientele, spanning government bodies, multinational corporations, and SMEs across various industries. Our comprehensive services encompass Design Thinking, Customer Experience Management, Business Model Innovation, Lean Process Redesign, and more.

We take pride in crafting high-quality, customizable training materials, presentations, frameworks, and templates to facilitate the adoption of operational excellence techniques and tools, perfectly tailored to your training and business needs.

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These terms apply only to the documents of this author. These supplement Flevy's general terms. If there are any conflicts, then the terms on this page will take precedence.

Terms of Usage

Thank you for choosing Operational Excellence Consulting ("OEC") for your document needs. We want to make sure you understand how to use our materials effectively, so here are the terms and conditions that apply:

1. What You Can Do With Our Documents

When you buy documents from OEC, you can use them for personal or professional purposes. This includes:

- Personal use.
- Training programs and consulting services for your clients if you're an independent consultant.
- Lectures at universities for students and external clients.

Before you buy, make sure your device meets the requirements, and remember you're responsible for any internet charges while downloading.

If you're in an area with slow internet, downloads might take longer.

2. Document Details

- Our training presentations have a standard 4:3 screen aspect ratio unless noted otherwise.
- The file size is in MB, indicating the total size of all documents in a training package.
- All documents are in English and don't include instructor guides or facilitation notes.
- Documents may not have quizzes or case studies unless mentioned.

3. Preview Before You Buy

We understand that our documents might not suit everyone. You can preview them by clicking the 'Preview' button to ensure they meet your needs.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact us before purchasing.

4. Returns and Refunds

Because our products are digital, we can't accept returns or issue refunds once you've downloaded a document. Please preview and ask questions before buying.

If you get an incomplete or defective document, contact us immediately, and we'll replace it.

5. Downloading and Backups

After purchasing, it's your responsibility to keep the documents safe. We recommend creating backups on external drives or cloud storage, just like any other important files.

We don't offer support to re-activate download links if you lose your files. You may contact Flevy support for assistance.

6. Disclaimer

Our files are provided "as is" without any warranties.

7. Copyright and Customization

We hold the copyright for our materials. You can customize them for your needs, but modifying them doesn't give you ownership of the intellectual property.

You can extract slides/content, make changes, and distribute derivative works as long as it doesn't involve blatant rebranding of the source material.

Your intended usage should align with our terms and conditions, which permit customization and adaptation for educational, training and consulting purposes.

You can share hard copies with clients, students, trainees, or employees but not soft copies, except for templates, assessment tools, and checklists.

Please respect our intellectual property rights.

8. Approved Use

Each document or license is for personal or use within a single location. If you need it for another location, purchase a separate copy.

- Less than 500 employees: One license.
- 500 or more employees in different locations: Follow your country's definition of a small business.

You can store documents on your intranet, e-learning system, or document management system. However, general users should only have read access.

You can use third-party platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams for online training.

Our documents can't be resold, rented, or distributed as part of a commercial offering without our permission.


Should you have any questions about our documents, please contact us.



Thank you for your interest in our training materials. Below, you'll find answers to common questions. If you have more, feel free to reach out to us.

1. Are instructor notes provided with the training presentation?

No, we don't include instructor notes to keep our presentations affordable. This information is also in our Terms of Use for Documents on the product webpage.

2. Can we customize the training presentation?

Yes, you're welcome to edit the content, change logos, text, fonts, graphics, colors, or even translate it into your preferred language. You can also switch from the 4:3 standard screen aspect ratio to the 16:9 widescreen format if needed.

3. Can we print and distribute hard copy handouts?

Absolutely, you can print and distribute hard copy handouts to your audience during your training or briefing sessions. However, please don't distribute soft copies in any file format.

4. Can we upload the presentation to our intranet or e-learning platform?

Yes, you can upload the soft copy to your company's intranet or e-learning platform for online viewing. Just make sure to disable the download option to prevent users from downloading the soft copy. You can allow for hard copies to be printed if desired.

5. Can we use the presentation for online training (e.g., via Zoom or Microsoft Teams)?

Yes, you can screen share the presentation during online sessions. However, ensure that the download option is disabled to prevent users from downloading the soft copy. After the training, you can upload the soft copy to your organization's intranet.

6. Can we distribute the soft copy presentation to various audiences?

No, distributing the soft copy, even after customization, violates our Terms of Use for Documents. However, you can upload the soft copy to your company intranet or e-learning platform for internal sharing, as mentioned earlier.

7. Can we translate and sell the presentation on online platforms like Udemy?

No, this is strictly against our terms of usage. Our materials are for non-commercial use only.


Should you have any questions about our documents, please contact us.

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