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SB Consulting
Navigating Success: Your Partner in Strategy, Operations, and Finance Excellence

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We are an experienced team of **Managers** with a passion for empowering businesses to communicate their ideas with impact. We founded SB Consulting, a consulting start-up that specializes in teaching organizations how to create effective corporate and management presentations. We are trained by top tier global consulting firms (including **McKinsey** , **BCG** and **Porsche Consulting**. Our innovative approach to presentation design and delivery has helped numerous colleagues effectively communicate their vision and **achieve their goals**. With a strong background in **Business Development** and **Management**, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to each engagement. Let's work together to take your presentations to the next level and drive your business forward.

List of presentation references:
- **Boston Consulting Group (BCG)**
- University of Toronto Rotman School of Management (MBA)
- Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
- WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management
- Massachusetts Institute of Technology
- several corporate firms (revenue > $5bn)
- ConTech Startups
- numerous consulting projects

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