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Aniket Bagde

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Aniket is a seasoned Consultant in the field of World Class Manufacturing & Operations Excellence.

He brings in the valuable experience of working in MNC's and also has worked with 100+ manufacturing industries on various assignments of Lean Manufacturing, Business Process Excellence & Lean Plant Layouts.

He is a Chartered Engineer (Mechanical) and holds an MBA in Operations Management.

He is passionate about identifying a client's pain areas & working out the most effective solutions using the principles of Lean Manufacturing.

He is a seasoned trainer on the various topics of Lean Management and also a speaker at renowned Engineering & Management Schools.

He has Lean Implementation experience in all kinds of Production Scenarios as well as in more than 50 different types of manufacturing setups.

He has Training & Consulting experience in various sectors such as Automobile, Electrical, Poultry, Packaging, Engineering, Food, Intra-logistics, etc.

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