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I am an experienced manager and consultant in finance and business strategy. Specialization in high--tech industries: Telco, IT and e-business.

My primary background is telecommunications - I spend almost 10 years working for different Polish telecom operators. I was responsible for business planning, strategy, long-term financing and margers & acquisitions as well as market forecasts.

Currently I am a business consultant. Specialties: Industry specialization: Telecom, IT and Innovations
Experitse: Finance, Business Modeling, Strategy & EU funds

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Mobile TV in Poland Business Case
Listed under:  Corporate Finance  Strategy, Marketing, & Sales
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15-slide PowerPoint deck and supporting Excel workbook. Document provides business case for creating, launching & operating a mobile television. The case is based on current market knowledge. Market forecasts are based on historical trends and my experience in telecommunication market in [read more]

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