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Since the early days, 2008, when social media was quite unknown and considered to be a passing craze, until today that social media has become mainstream and is widely adopted by businesses, politicians, celebrities, welfare organisations etc, it passed the test of time and benefits are being realised for those willing to go about it strategically.

As a Project Management professionalI have turned my research to the industry that I serve, namely project management practitioners who come from many different sectors, like Financial, IT, Mining, Education and many more. I was on a mission to find out if there is any value in bringing social media onto projects and what the expected benefits would be.

Feedback from different surveys and published success stories, provided evidence of the benefits from social media; how to unlock the value and how to strategically integrate it with project execution at your company. I also discovered an important side benefit from social media activities is that it will enhance your career as a project professional.

Since then I prepared and published articles and have given talks about the use of social media on projects with the aim to answer the following important questions:
#1 Which types of social media channels are best suited?
#2 How do you incorporate social media onto projects?
#3 Where do you start and what are best practices?
#4 What benefits can you expect from social media?
#5 What challenges will you be faced with?
#6 What social media tools should you use?
#7 How do you monitor and measure social media?

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