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We, at Enablers & Enhancers, are passionate about driving operational excellence in organizations by encouraging, motivating and educating employees using our Posters and Visual Display Products. Our designer products and educational products have been highly appreciated by companies (small enterprises as well as large multi-national corporations) all over the world. We can confidently claim that we are the pioneers of this industry and that our services and products meet the highest international standards.

'Enablers and Enhancers' (E&E) is a subsidiary of the consulting organization 'Quality Professionals Group' (QPG). QPG is India's leading training and consulting organization engaged in guiding and helping companies in the achievement of Operational Excellence through quality management techniques like 5S, Kaizen, Lean, Quality Improvements, Business Excellence Award Criteria & ISO Standards on Quality, Environment, Health and Safety, Employee Welfare & Energy Management, etc.


As the Leading Consultant at Quality Professionals Group, Mr. Avinit Singh (the CEO of QPG) felt that most of the Industries did not meet the adequate Quality and Safety standards. After interacting with thousands of employees across various industries in Asia, he felt that employees in these industries were generally unmotivated, discouraged and unenthusiastic about their work. He knew that there was a direct link between the lack of Quality standards at the workplace and the lack of motivation amongst the employees. After all, the biggest asset of any organization is its people. The motivation-level and the work-ethic of people is reflected in every aspect of the organization's functioning.

An optimist himself, he wanted to change this culture across organizations. He decided to combine his creative abilities with his knowledge of operations management and quality management. This is how Enablers and Enhancers was born in 2003 as a venture that provided designer posters to organizations to promote the concepts of Quality Management and Safety Management at the workplace. E&E started off by providing a set of 4 posters on Quality Basics and then slowly and steadily, added more posters on similar concepts. The posters started becoming a huge hit amongst the Indian as well as overseas corporations. This was a completely unique concept where designer posters were being provided on specialized organizational subjects and where each set of posters was based on a particular theme. E&E is proud to be a leader and a pioneer of this unique industry with a collection of more than 5000 poster designs in our portfolio.

We are serving customers that include companies like Rolls Royce, Nokia, Toyota, Suzuki, Pepsi, Nestle, Philips, Unilever, Honda, P&G, Kellogg's and many more. But more importantly, we are making a difference in the work culture of the organizations that we serve.

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