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Didier Delaval Consultant

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Didier M. Delaval holds a master (MLL) and a postgraduate doctoral degree in business law from Paris (France) Universities.
He also holds an Australian (AQF Cert 5) Diploma of Business and an Australian Certificate in Training and Assessment (AQF Cert 4).
Founder of several ventures in Asia since 1995, he has an international executive experience of 30 years in Europe, the USA and Australasia.
His expertise in negotiation, projects management, corporate finance, supply chain management, etc. is based on multi sectorial experiences with the mechanical, aerospace, navigation, environment, fisheries, agro-food and vocational education industries.
A PMI member, he brings his experience in managing projects, sales, and operations, for both established international companies and Asian start-ups.
His involvement in negotiations and project management started with the French heavy industry in 1981. He was then part of teams that won large industrial projects in Indonesia, the USA, Greece, Europe, etc.
He participated in major telecom and scientific satellites projects before heading the development of a major French aviation and space vocational training organisation, for which he participated to the engineering and creation of the Eskisehir civil aviation school of Turkey.
Based in Asia since 1991, originally as a French Aerospace Export Agency Regional , he has directed numerous projects and companies all around Asia in the aviation, navigation, fisheries, agro food, environment and vocational education sectors.
Passionate with sharing actual business and management experiences, he has been involved in business programmes with several universities and business schools in France. He has been a visiting professor Wuhan University of Technology (China) and Bordeaux School of Business, for MBA programmes, for 7 years.
He is now sharing his time between programme management, change management consulting and vocational training activities for international companies based in the Asia Pacific.
His cross-cultural and multi countries experience have led him to develop an original ?solutions oriented executive coaching? expertise, which he has implemented with success with many international managers and leaders over the last 10 years.

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Aircraft Lease Survey
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3-page PDF document. Low Cost Airlines and aircraft users looking for airplanes to lease often struggle identifying their needs and inform their potential providers. Here is a check list allowing a better and quicker first approach to ACMI wet lease, dry [read more]

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