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CMM is a proven and well established framework to understand, manage, and improve the capabilities of any organization.

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The Capability Maturity Model (CMM) is an organizational model that describes 5 evolutionary stages (or levels), in which the business processes in an organization are managed. The term "maturity" relates to the degree of formality and optimization of processes, from ad hoc practices, to formally defined steps, to managed result metrics, to active optimization of the processes.

This toolkit includes a set of 10 documents developed by Flevy and Phase 5 Group to understand and implement CMM effectively within your organization. It includes:

* CMM Framework Primer (PowerPoint)
* Overview Guide - What Is CMM
* Overview Guide - When to Use CMM
* Overview Guide - Stages of Maturity
* Overview Guide - Key Process Areas & Process Definition
* Implementation Guide - Stage 2 - Repeatable
* Implementation Guide - Stage 3 - Defined
* Implementation Guide - Stage 4 - Managed
* CMM Checklist (Excel)

This model can be applied to most business processes, as it describes evolutionary levels of organizations in general. It describes the level of management that an organization has realized or strives for.

In fact, CMM has helped all types of organizations--enterprise, government, nonprofit--improve their organizational capabilities across 100+ countries.

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