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What Merchants Need to Know About POS Systems

POS systems have been around for a number of years, but with so much information (and misinformation) available, it can be challenging to sift through it all to get to the truth. What is a POS system, anyway? A POS system is simply a point of sale option that allows you to process payments, among […]

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Challenges for Big Businesses and How to Resolve Them

In the age of wage stagnation and growing competition, it’s inevitable that big businesses will come up against some pretty hefty struggles. Learning how to resolve this is the only way to ensure that your company continues to grow in the face of challenging economic times. It’s also important to be able to progress through […]

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5 Total Productive Maintenance Implementation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Almost every business, manufacturing, or industrial process today happens with the help of machines. Therefore, one of the reasons why organizations adopt any maintenance strategy is to minimize unplanned downtime and improve asset availability. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is one of several proactive maintenance strategies available today. It is a lean manufacturing strategy and its […]

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5 Tips for Retailers Starting an Ecommerce Store

Are you a successful business owner thinking about expansion? Why not increase your sales by starting your own ecommerce business? Buying and selling goods online has become an enormous industry in recent years so it is easy to see why so many people are setting up online stores. However, it is not an easy industry […]

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Top 3 Obstacles to Effective Time Management in a Corporate Environment

You have heard it said more times than you can count the fingers and toes of every person within your company that “time is money.” And, how true this is. Time management is one of the key issues which every organization faces on a daily basis from the board of directors right on down to […]

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The Impact of Employee Financial Wellness on Your Company

More than half of workers in the U.S say they’re stressed out about their financial wellness despite a strong economy. Money is a necessity, and employees need to have enough to pay for the essentials like rent, food, transportation, and student loans. Of course, most people also want to have enough cash to enjoy themselves […]

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The 5 Successful Tips to Implement AI in Your Upcoming Marketing Strategy

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the forefront of technological advancements that are helping businesses to become more efficient. Once just a theme of sci-fi films, AI has now emerged in the real world as a powerful tool for business marketing. Statistics indicate that 83% of businesses consider AI a strategic priority for companies today. The […]

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How to Help an Employee through a Traumatic Time

Whether employee or employer, most people try to keep their professional and personal lives as separate as possible. Unfortunately, try as they might, there are going to be times when the private lives of your employees start to bleed into the working environment, affecting not only their ability to work efficiently, but also their overall […]

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5 Tips for Businesses Expanding into New Territories

The bigger your business becomes, the more you need to think about expanding your customer base, and once you’re a mid-sized enterprise, you’ll almost certainly want to move into new geographical territories. However, this sort of expansion brings a new set of challenges, so here are some things you’ll need to consider. Finding new markets […]

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How to Transform Your Management Style

Are you finding that your current management style isn’t working as effectively as it should? Your style of management doesn’t have to be fixed in place, and if a positive change is needed, then there are effective ways to go about this without affecting the overall health of your organization or the wellbeing of your […]

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Essential Toolkits for HR Professionals

Technology is making the work of HR professionals easier by the minute. Reporting tools allow them to measure performance down to the last metric. Management tools allow people to track work in progress even when they’re not on the premises. More automation means less time working on repetitive tasks. This has made today HR workers […]

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9 Tips on How to Improve Abandoned Carts Recovery in Magento 2 Stores

1. Colorful pop-up windows. Pop-ups are a great tool to keep a passive customer on the page. Especially if your emails are not effective. The main task is to draw the client’s attention. Write a phrase that contains a call to action or humor. At least the buyer will pay attention to this, and at […]

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