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How to Use the Internet to Unwind as a Business Owner

Business owners should never because so caught up in their work that they neglect themselves. It will only lead to physical sickness and, in some cases, it can lead to mental health issues too. Therefore, it is crucial that anyone who runs their own business schedules in some time to unwind at the end of […]

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Gantt Charts and Critical Path Method, the Keys to Business Success?

Being punctual is a desirable trait to have in a person because it shows self-discipline as well as respect to the people that you are meeting. However, there are some industries like logistics, military, medical and especially in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) where being on time is not desired, it is required. One […]

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Understanding the Potential Threats to Your Business

Unfortunately, businesses of all shapes and sizes are susceptible to a variety of potential threats each day. One wrong move and you could negatively impact your reputation, finances, and longevity. While different companies will have their own set of challenges, there are some common problems that could seriously dent your organization’s success. To ensure you […]

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Understanding the Critical Assessments Involved in a Manufacturing Make-or-Buy Decision

Make or buy?  This is one of the most first questions asked when formulating a Manufacturing Strategy.  In fact, internal manufacturing of a product versus procurement from external supplier sources is a difficult decision requiring careful and thorough assessment of multiple elements. When evaluating the make-or-buy question in Manufacturing, there are 6 broad assessments to […]

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5 Ways Collective Intelligence Helps Build Smart Teams

To be a competitive in today’s digital age, it’s important to leverage the power of collective intelligence (CI). CI helps measure a group’s effectiveness on several tasks. The concept behind CI is that teams come up with better ideas when they share the information with one another rather than if they attempted to do it […]

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How to Push Your Courier Business Forward in 2019

Courier and logistics are among the fastest growing industries these past few years. There is a growing demand for courier services and reliable logistics, especially with the rise of ecommerce and online businesses. The world is converging into one big market and there are more opportunities for courier businesses to succeed than ever before. Still, […]

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Are Your Prices Right?

It is the ultimate question retailers should ask themselves. The answer should be “yes” at any given moment for at least their key products. Otherwise, customers whose expectations are growing nonstop will choose someone else to buy from. Maintaining the right prices in real time is a challenging job. It requires constant market monitoring and […]

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How to Improve Your Profits by Developing Your Staff

For many years now, business owners have been hearing about the importance of nurturing their staff in order to maximize productivity and get the best out of everyone who works for them. One of the key ways in which you can maximize the potential of your employees is in staff development, through a combination of […]

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5 Tactics to Boost Your Small Business’s Annual Profits

Every small business owner must routinely find ways to reduce their expenditure, which could help to significantly increase their company’s profit margin. A savvy approach to your operations will ultimately allow you to boost your company’s finances, so you’ll have more cash to inject back into your business. To ensure your longevity in your chosen […]

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A Guide to Running a Business from Home

Do you dream of never having to run the gauntlet of the morning commute to work? Would you like to enjoy the convenience of running a business from home? Thousands of people across the UK are already doing just that, and it won’t be difficult if you want to add your name to the list. […]

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Financing VAT When Correcting or Reporting Errors

Financing VAT in arrears is not something a lot of businesses do as a matter of course. The typical business collects VAT on qualifying products and services then turns around and uses the money to pay the tax bill when due. A VAT finance package is generally sought only when a lack of cash flow […]

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Why Security Is Crucial for Your Business Cloud Network

Cloud security is a multi-billion dollar industry, with their infrastructure being the main driver of advancing technologies. The growth of cloud technology, and the rate of adoption have shown the popularity of cloud platforms for businesses. The reasons are relatively obvious. Cloud technology allows for greater flexibility, more productivity, and are exponentially more profitable. Cloud […]

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